Can a Diet Cheat Day Help You Lose Weight?

In my opinion, diet plans are too restrictive. However, if you are on a diet plan, you like and it’s working for you, I say stick with it until you reach your weight loss goals.

Still, do you sometimes find yourself cheating on your diet plan? If so, that’s OK.

Trust me, it is.

In fact, allowing yourself to have a diet cheat day every once in awhile may actually help you succeed in your weight loss efforts and finally get thin. Here’s why:

Restrictions on Diet Plans Are Unrealistic

Diet plans have all kinds of restrictions dictating to dieters what they can and can’t eat. As such, dieters are compelled to give up the foods they love, particularly the “unhealthy food,” and try to eat healthy until they lose the weight they want.

First of all, contrary to what fitness gurus will preach, there is nothing wrong with occasionally eating unhealthy food. It’s the over consumption of unhealthy food that’s a problem and what makes people overweight.

While diet plans attempt to get dieters to eat healthy, which by the way are good intentions, in all honestly, diet plans don’t teach people how to eat healthy as part of a lifestyle change.

Take for example popular diet plans like the 7 Day Diet, 3 Day Diet, The Carb Lovers Diet, or The New Beverly Hills Diet. Do these the 2 week diet really aim to educate dieters on how to eat healthy for life? Besides, even if dieters were to choose a diet plan that’s “clean”, you know… free of all the unhealthy food, are you really going to avoid eating a slice of cake or a burger with fries for the rest of your life?

Unrealistic if you ask me. Hence, my belief why dieters should have a diet cheat if they are trying to slim down.

If you can count calories, having a diet cheat day is really not a big deal because the unhealthy foods can be easily calculated and recorded like your other meals for the day. However, having a diet cheat day is not an excuse to binge in excess and then claim “Oh it’s my cheat day.”

As always, unhealthy food, especially foods high in sugar, calories, and fat, should be eaten in moderation if fat loss is the goal.

A Diet Cheat Day Can Teach Self Discipline

Another reason why to have a diet cheat day is because it can teach dieters how to have self-discipline when it comes to eating unhealthy food. For instance, portion control, meal planning, moderation, and weight control are all part of self-discipline that’s crucial to losing weight for lasting results and weight maintenance.

Once more, diets don’t teach dieters how to eat healthy. All diet plans do is merely instruct dieters on what foods to avoid within a short period of time (i.e. the 30 Day Diet, the 7 Day Diet, the 3 Day Diet, etc.) Then when dieters go to holiday parties, family gatherings, or hang out with friends, they don’t know how to practice self-discipline when the foods they should be avoiding, like the unhealthy foods, are in front of them due to easy accessibility.

As a result, dieters “binge eat” on their diet plan during such outings and naturally, they don’t get the results they want because they believed they could “lose 10 pounds in a week” or “lose 20 pounds in a month” based off of some fad diet.

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