Fat Loss Factor Review – Inside Scoop On The Fat Loss Factor!

The Fat Loss Factor has gained widespread popularity among dieters and people looking to lose weight. It is currently being distributed by the Clickbank Marketplace and is one of the top ranked weight loss programs in its category. So, if you’re looking to lose weight and get in shape then read on to learn how the Fat Loss factor can help you achieve this.

Who’s Behind The Fat Loss Factor?

Dr. Charles Livingstone, founder of the Fat Loss Factor has a strong reputation in the health and fitness industry. He is a qualified wellness practitioner who graduated with honours from the Palmer College of Chiropractic.

What You Can Expect From The Fat Loss Factor?

The Fat Loss Factor is a systematic 12 week weight loss program. The entire 12 week program is divided into 3 separate modules which include beginner, intermediate and advanced. The Fat Loss Factor is actually well structured so you wont get confused on what you should be doing or what order you should be doing it.

The first section of the program entails the Master Cleanse which is a detox period where you’ll be consuming mostly organic fruits and vegetables. The master cleanse helps to rid the body of impurities, toxins and free radicals. After you’ve completed the 2 week detox you’ll embark on a new healthy eating regimen which is primarily made up of metabolism boosting foods.

The 12 week program also includes a fitness regimen to help you burn fat as fast as possible and get the lean body you desire. The workouts aren’t too strenuous but you will be mixing up cardio workouts with strength training exercises. This is because muscle burns more calories than fat, even when the bodies rested.

The program also emphasizes managing stress. This is indeed key as stress stimulates cortisol (the stress hormone) which is directly linked to the accumulation of the fat diminisher around the abdominal area. This is also the most health hazardous accumulation of fat so managing stress isn’t to be overlooked.

Who Will Benefit From The Fat Loss Factor?

In fairness, the Fat Loss Factor is a well-rounded program suited to anyone serious about losing weight and getting in shape. However, it doesn’t offer a miracle weight loss solution. You need to approach the program with the right attitude and be willing to make a few sacrifices short-term.

Also, you need to maintain certain habits once you complete the program. It’s no good just going full throttle, stripping off the fat and then slipping back into your old ways. You will need to make certain elements of the program a way of life for long-term, sustainable weight loss.

What Else Is Included?

Besides the main report and detox video’s there are also a number of added extras to help you get the most out of the Fat Loss Factor. Included is a great recipe book so you can muster up healthy, nutritious meals that are in line with your new diet. There’s also a grocery manual so you can ensure that you’re buying the proper foods for your diet when shopping.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

There is the option to join a membership with a community for an additional monthly fee which to be honest isn’t necessary. Just stick to the main program, especially to begin with as you will need to be committed to the 2 week detox.

What is worth noting is that the initial 2 week detox will involve buying organic foods which can be a little costly. This is key to the program though and necessary as you’ll be cleansing the body of toxins, impurities and free radicals before proceeding to the main part of the diet.

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