The Lean Body – Muscle Power

Overview A lean body, the well sought after look of firm, developed muscles with chiseled abs and defined biceps is possible with a few well honed secrets in your program. Lean body mass has all the body tissue except storage fat. Regardless of your current condition, the lean body goal is attainable with the proper vision, program and commitment.

Eating Lean The diet for building a lean body is an essential ingredient in the program. It is essential to take in ample calories to keep the metabolism functioning at peak levels. Many weight loss programs require severe restrictions in calorie level, which actually slows metabolic burn rate.

Essential in the diet is high quality dietary protein. It is critical that protein sources have both high protein content as well as a low fat content. Lean beef, skinless chicken, and fish offer solid choices for lean, high quality protein.

Protein intake should be spread out throughout the day. Some trainers suggest every 2-3 hours for protein intake with recommendations of 1.0-1.5 grams per pound of body weight. It is important to talk to your doctor about the protein level best for your body as too much protein with some health conditions can cause problems for kidneys and other organ functions.

Balance is also an important element in eating for muscle development and lean belly breakthrough review mass. High quality fats such as olive oil and avocados are important. Carbohydrates are important as well but the choices should be low in glycemic index such as brown rice, sweet potatoes and green vegetables. It is important that the carbohydrate choices are simple ones, clean and un-sauced without butter or other saturated fats adding on extra calories.

Basic Metabolic Rate When trying to burn fat while building muscle it is important to understand how the process works. Basic metabolic rate (BMR) is the rate of calorie burn. If you consume more calories than BMR you will gain weight, if you eat at BMR; you will stay the same. In order to lose weight, it will be important to burn more than the BMR. BMR is calculated by current body weight x 10 + your bodyweight. For a 250 pound person the BMR would be (250 x 10) + 250 = 2750 per day to stay at 250 pounds.

Repetition It is important to build a workout program designed to improve muscle mass and create a leaner body mass. High intensity interval training and resistance training using repetitions to build lean body mass and improve muscle percentage.

Conclusion A lean healthy body is the result of a combination of techniques and principles applied consistently. Eating right, eating enough and making the right choices for high quality, lean protein and a balance of nutrients is at the base level for this process. If you know your basic metabolic rate, make the right choices and build an effective training program a lean body is very possible.

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